About Waves of Oneness

Empower & HEAL

heal_home1-frontWaves of Oneness invites each one of us to create and regain a healthy, balanced and joyful life.

Franziska offers through Waves of Oneness Intuitive Coaching/Readings, Energy Balancing, Certified Energy Healing Practitioner Workshops, Heart/Mindfulness Meditation and Yoga. She is specialised in Psychic and Intuitive Development that assist you in regaining your voice, power and health.

This process will support the re-alignment the natural state of well-being, joy and clarity. This transformational path facilitates the experience of one’s inner truth and the growth of a new understanding of Self. This process is an invitation to flower into the unique expression of who we truly are and take responsibility for our life, our action and the world we live in.

“There is a peaceful place inside that welcomes you. A place so safe, so still, that there is no forward and no backward –  only the eternal flow of now.
Enter his radiance where the truth of your being resides
and you remember who you are.”
– Rusty Birkus


Waves of Oneness also aims to connect and support individuals, communities and family businesses by providing a platform to present and sell their handicrafts, art and accessories. We support people and communities living in harmony with nature who produce their crafts in a sustainable and ethical way.

When you purchase a unique and beautiful gift, you will also learn more about the person or community behind the product through a blog post or a video, open for your comments and questions. We invite you to be part of a growing conscious community, living in peace, harmony and ONENESS with all that is.

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