Silvernest Jewellery Meena Gupta Mysore, India

Meena Gupta and her beautiful story

Meena Guapta was born in Chennai. When she got married at the age of 21 to Mahesh from Mysore, she left Chennai and moved to his place in Gokulam, Mysore. Coming from a big city, she needed some time to adjust to Mysore, which was a small, rural town at that time. 10 years later the Shri K Pattabhi Jois Ashtanga Yoga Institute in Mysore changed its location to her neighborhood. Because of more foreign yogis coming to Mysore to practice in the Yoga Shala, Shiva, an ex-rickshaw driver, who nowadays rents out rooms and scooters, asked her to let her room to yogi students and earn some money that way.

After spending the last 10 years being a housewife, giving birth to 2 boys and just finishing her new-built house, Meena hesitated for a while. Finally, she decided to give it a try and see how it would feel to have foreign people living in her house. To her surprise, it felt exciting to have students from different countries around her. Meena was quite bored to be “only” a housewife and a mother of 2 boys, and the yogis tried to convince her to open up a business for yoga students. Coming from a jeweller family, she finally decided to start selling Indian jewellery. But her first experience in selling her jewellery in Anu’s café, a café for yoga students, turned out to be very disappointing as nobody noticed her and bought any jewellery.

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The official newsletter of Anglic Reiki – Spring Equinox 2014!

ENJOY reading, you can find following subjects:

  • Learn to go with the flow
  • Take time out to connect with the moon’s energy
    Claire Dixon offers some moon meditations for the spring and explains how our satellite can help us achieve balance and peace
  • Divine inspiration
    Leah Reitz Winter is an expressive fine artist, psychotherapist, mum of two and AR (Angelic Reiki) enthusiast based in the suburbs of Philadelphia, USA. She describes her pieces as focusing on patterns and aiming to excite and stimulate the senses towards freedom and expansion. Here, she tells Claire Dixon how AR has influenced her work
  • It’s good to talk
    AR teacher Kay Zega of Worcester in the UK explains the benefits of using healing and development groups
  • How to live from the AR space: a personal perspective
    Claire Dixon offers her view on how to bring the benefits of
    AR into everyday life
  • Some Zen wisdom
  • AR healed me and I think it can heal the corporate world
    Anjali Bappoo-Huneewoth from Mauritius says AR helped her beat fibromyalgia. She works for a bank and having trained as a master teacher in the UK she is setting up her own company teaching AR to big business as a way to start cleaning up the energy surrounding globalisation. She told Claire Dixon all about her amazing journey.

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What is Energy Healing – what does it do and how can it support you and your loved ones?

Out of my own journey and the experiences I witnessed of people I could assist on their path, I realized that making the decision to take up a holistic method towards health like Energy Healing means to make a decision for transformation; the wonderful transformation of yourself.

First of all, it will make symptoms surface rather than suppress them, and it will bring light into the dark corners of yourself. It means you have the most active role in this process. You are your own healer and your own creator of this reality. Whatever method you choose, a therapist or teacher will only support you in realizing that and give you a hand to take the next step(s) and give you a little push into the right direction you weren’t able to go towards on your own out of  i.e. fear or because you couldn’t see your path anymore. But than you have to start to walk by yourself, nobody can do it for you!

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Universe with lots of lights

Kapotasana: “A Miracle”

Today, the first time I grabbed my heels in Kapotasana by myself. 1 1/3 years I was waiting for this moment; it feels like a long time for the part of me, which can be very impatient.
When I came out of the asana Sharath looked at me and said: “ A miracle”; I started laughing. I realised how funny my mind can work sometimes and how it really wants things to happen. Yes, I wanted to be able to do this pose, but why? Yes, at times I wanted to have more poses, but than again, why? What does it change? I knew it would not change anything; there are always more poses. What does it change in my life? I guess that, I REALLY realised/felt today: I did Kapotasana today; I have to do it tomorrow, after tomorrow and each and everyday again. It ALMOST doesn’t change anything; I still have to do my daily practice on the mat and in my life, do the things I have to do. I still will have to struggle with the things I have to learn from, until I let go of the struggle and just trust and accept the flow of life, anchored in myself and having faith, that all will be just fine. I believe that it is where the asana practice comes into it, giving me more trust to go beyond the limitation of my mind, it shows me I’m able to do more than I think and it shows me how I approach myself, my life and the world around me. It teaches me to surrender, to breath, to feel and to walk forward on my path. Trust that there are no limitations, except the ones I have set for myself in my mind and they can always be changed. And that there are wonderful people/teachers coming into our lives to help us to go beyond those limitations because they believe in us until one day we do too.

On this way, thanks for all these wonderful people in my life supporting and believing in me, sharing their love and helping me to see and go beyond those limitations! One time more I wish you all lots of love, light, trust and happiness for the coming year 2014.

Love and light Franziska

How to let go and call in the new!

“When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be.
When I let go of what I have, I receive what I need.” – Tao Te Ching

In my early twenties I realised that making fixed plans for my future in terms of settling down, career steps etc. was kind of pointless because they mostly ended up unfolding differently and often in a better way than I had expected them to.

Generally, my life started to take a new direction of which I hadn’t thought before. There was this inner calling to travel to places I had never considered, and to settle down in “random” places I would have never thought of before, like South Africa and later on India, to just name a couple. Other times I felt I wanted to undertake further studies in order to do something else in my professional life which has changed in all different ways. Although there were a lot of challenges and obstacles to overcome at times, I always learned and grew a lot on those unexpected journeys on my path. Beautiful people, experiences, great adventures and lots of learning came along my way.

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My personal experience with Angelic Reiki, Animal Treatments, Winter Solstice Meditation

The official Angelic Reiki organisation has decided to give out a regular newsletter. I will post the newsletters under this rubric and share information of my own experience with this wonderful healing method.

Subjects in the attached first Angelic Newsletter from the Angelic Reiki organisation:

  • How to support animals with Angelic Reiki
  • The winter solstice and a guideline for a meditation
  • A feedback on the worldwide mediation for the typhoon that hit the Philippines.

Angelic Reiki is an energy healing method, which feels to me to be an amazingly potent tool to work with. It works from our energetic bodies down to the physical body and can therefore bring great relief from imbalances on the physical, psychological and energetic levels. Already during my own training of this modality I felt lots of changes and clearing within myself. It opened doors to a deeper understanding and perception of my intuition in a way, that I couldn’t have imagined before. Angelic Reiki reconnects us back to our inner wisdom and knowledge as practitioners or as a client being treated.

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