“Death – Rebirth; the Path of Awakening to your Truth”

Again and again I feel to dissolve, to disappear,
to fall apart only to realise nothing is at it seems
or the way I believed.
Just before I felt in my truth, walking my path
empowered, but than within the next moment of time
I’m feeling an other layer of the illusion is drifting away.

For a few seconds it’s leaving me behind with
a deep sadness, a feeling of “dying”;
for a moment I realise on a deeper level the illusion of “reality” again
and the infinite cycle of death and rebirth even
within the life span of a human life.

Anew I understand the necessity to learn and
to accept that I will never “know it all”, to accept
the constant change and subjectivity of “my reality” –
the re-awaking/re-birthing in its infinite process
and with that my self responsibility of co-creation
with Universe – everything around me
is just a mirror of my own perception.

Its up to me – its up to you; to show up again, to see
the light, the beauty and the gift in each “death and rebirth”,
to open the doors that present itself, to learn, to flow,
to share, to love, to let go, to surrender, to trust, to receive and accept
the infinite process of evolution – of growth –
the path of awakening to your Self – to your Truth!

With love
Franziska Guentensperger