I’m writing this from my perspective as an Energy Consultant and Therapist and out of my own experiences so far. It feels to me that once I got to the point of realizing more about Self and this human experience I also started to understand what healing really means and I could actually start to heal. Healing means, simply said, coming back to myself, back to my own divine essence.

I believe that our ultimate nature of being is perfect health on all levels, but we forget and can’t see and feel that anymore. So we have to get rid of the shadows again, which trouble our wellbeing.  This is NOT a fight against symptoms; it is a process back to your most perfect state of being. As a facilitator I will be able to support you in clearing blockages and help you with guidance and tools, but you have to walk the path as no one else can do it for you.  Often you will experience that you first have to face the dark in order to see the light again and realize the principle of peaceful coexistence of dark and light; the Yin and the Yang.

The decision to live an empowered life in self-respect and self-love, to heal and come back to your most perfect path of wellbeing takes courage, truthfulness and is a decision for life, but I can tell you it is the most beautiful and most rewarding decision you can take. It might include changes in lifestyle and patterns of thinking or beliefs, which don’t serve you anymore. It also means accepting and appreciating who and where you are right now; physically, emotionally, spiritually and to see that always everything is perfect. It means learning, evolving, accepting and realizing and moving step by step towards the radiant you. It means also to shine, share and love unconditionally and know that whatever you will encounter on your path, it is your choice how to work with it and how to create what you want and serves you most. You will start to feel and see that we are all the same in the source of our existence and realise the very importance of supporting each other and Mother Earth with respect, honesty and unconditional love and in the best way we can.