Life begins where fear ends

Recently I had some profound realizations about my self-created limitations and fears. Through meditating on them and feeling them deeply it supported me to understand and feel what’s underneath. It gave me the chance to release them, heal them and open up my heart to more of who I am and to my Truth.

Fear in itself is always attached to a deeper feeling, a pattern or belief that we adapted in one stage of our life (or past life). Often we can feel the fear somewhere in our bodies. Can you feel it sometimes? It’s that wavelike movement or pressure of felt sense as it ripples through your belly, your throat, your chest, and your shoulders. The ‘fear – struggle’ may emerge from the abandonment and rejection of the life as it moves through you. It may even be your believe that there is something wrong with you, and that you have failed or that you have to keep yourself in a certain ‘frame/norm’ to be accepted and loved…!

But I tell you; no you don’t have too. Be courage’s, open up to your own vulnerability, feel what’s there, soften, surrender and look deeper; give yourself the permission to be ‘weak’, which in reality is actually ‘strong and brave’. Only than you can realize whats stops you from moving forward. Through that you can heal, step up as the empowered you in your truth, take the actions that you were scared of taking and have been avoiding, to be fully present, show up and participate in life, in relationships, in your work. To finally live the life you came here for to live that makes your heart sing again.

Love and blessings