Newsletter November 2014

Dear all,

I hope all of you are well and riding the intense new moons and full moons we are going through with ease, flow and grace. Lots of things are happening worldwide at the moment and sadly lots of fears get spread. I encourage you strongly to check with your heart of what feels true for YOU and what doesn’t of what you read and hear. Also it is very important in this times to do the things you fully enjoy and center yourself; spend time in nature and with your loved ones, mediate, practice yoga, dance, draw or listen to beautiful music.

Listen to you heart, find your truth within and trust that all is in Divine Order. This statement may not make sense for your mind, but the mind is not able to perceive the bigger picture of things. Trust that all will eventually unfold in the highest good for all. Feel, think and speak the message of Love/Light, Truth and Faith; this will be very supportive to ALL and lift the overall vibration. 

Also I love to share with you a part of the newsletter of Christine Core the Founder
of the Angelic Reiki Foundation about “What is healing?” It is a beautiful explanation and I encourage you to have a look into it!

Some little news from my side: after an interesting and beautiful time in Los Angeles and  lots of travelling in California, I’m off to Europe next week. End of the November I will travel to India for around 3 months to practice Asthanga yoga with R. Sharath Jois in Mysore.

For people coming India please feel free to contact me for appointments. I will be very happy to support you there with my services. For everybody else; I’m offering Intuitive Readings and Energy Healings over SKYPE AND PHONE:


  • You need some assistance in time of rapid change?
  • You longing for clarification and understanding in your current life situation in order to take the next step forward?
  • You feeling out of alignment and ready to come back to your natural state of wellbeing physically and emotionally?

Intuitive Readings and Energy Healings are wonderful to support you during these times. These treatments work on the whole of you. Your emotional and your physical wellbeing are connected and therefore it is vital to include all of these aspects in the process of regaining and maintaining your natural state of well being and feeling vibrant, vital and balanced.

Please contact me for more information and/or a FREE CONSULTATION of 15 min over Skype to discuss how I can support you best in your current life situation. 

(Feel free to check my website for more details and/or read what other people said about the treatments and how it supported them.)

I look very much forward to hear from you and read your news. Always feel free to ask questions, give inputs etc. Also if you have questions about something, which you feel could be interesting for all of us, I’m happy to check if that could be something to talk about in the next newsletter, which will come very soon; I promise 🙂

And in the end a little quote to think about it:

The aim of Zen is to focus the attention on reality itself,
instead of on our intellectual and emotional reactions to
reality – reality being the ever-changing, ever-growing,
indefinable something known as “life,” which will never stop
for a moment for us to fit it satisfactorily into any rigid system of pigeon holes and ideas.

(Alan Watts)


I wish you all the best and lots of joy.

Love and blessings



“WHAT IS HEALING” by Christine Core,  click on in it to read it:

what is healing