Self-Empowerment / Self-Love

Out of my personal experience and working with people, Self-empowerment and Self-Love is one of the very first essential steps for wellbeing on a physical, emotional and energetic level. Only by realizing and accepting that we are the creators of our lives in all aspects and finally taking responsibility for our thinking, actions and the way we choose to react towards situations, events etc. we encounter along our path, are we able to create a life in good health, balance and abundance in all aspects.

If we are suffering from disease on a physical or emotional level we have to understand that only we can heal ourselves. Of course often we do need the support and guidance of others, be they a doctor, a healer or a friend. However as an Energy Consultant and Therapist I feel it is very important to be clear that I do believe in complete healing of physical and emotional illnesses, but only if you are ready for change, if that is the chosen soul path and if you are willing to take responsibility for your healing process. It is necessary to start working consciously and mindfully on yourself, to observe and realize the consequences of the way you think, act and believe. You must be ready to change and let go of what is necessary to live on your most perfect path. That might include a change of lifestyle, change of thought patterns and beliefs or letting go of relationships.

Sometimes our soul has also chosen to learn and evolve through disease, imbalance or loss. As long as this learning has to take place we might not be able to heal completely but also in this case we have options of how we are going to walk this journey. Do we approach it in a compassionate, understanding and accepting way or do we choose to become the victims of our circumstances. And can we accept that there might be a higher plan, a bigger picture to this that we might not understand right now. We have the opportunity to surrender to the given challenge and walk our journey in the best way we can; self-empowered, responsible, with awareness, acceptance, respect and unconditional love and to learn to understand that always everything is in divine and perfect order.

For this reason the goal of Waves of Oneness is to support self-empowerment; loving and accepting ourselves and therefore others. We support the change at this time through a growing community which takes responsibility for their actions, thinking and physical manifestations. A community with people who understand the saying; “what I’m doing to others I’m also doing to myself”. People, who respect and believe in the Oneness of all things and therefore choose to live their lives mindfully and with respect to themselves and all.

One part of the work we do is to empower individuals and communities from all over the world who are living in harmony with their surrounding and Mother Earth by selling their art and crafts. We talk and write about their personal self-empowerment stories to show and give examples of people who have chosen to take their lives in their own hands and to live a life in harmony and balance with all. We all have wonderful and unique gifts to share with the world. It is only a matter of taking action, believing in yourself, seeing the beauty within and outside of you and to start now. We can all be examples and ambassadors of this beautiful change towards the light, which is taking place on this planet at this time. It is your responsibility, your choice and your decision to be part of it and to live according your highest divine path!!