The intensity of this time – some useful “Tips”

Many feel like being on a rollercoaster ride and going through intense changes and realisations in these last weeks. You are not alone! There is a lot going on energetically as well as astrological and it will be intensified over the next few months. So hold on but don’t be scared!!

In these times it’s so important:

  • to do or start ( if you haven’t yet) a daily practice like meditation, yoga or it can be a walk in the nature etc. But make sure to do it daily and MINDFUL; be present, breath deeply, let go of thoughts, worries and anxiety through the breath into the earth (visualize it). Make sure to always come back to a conscious breath that supports you to come back into the here and now.
    A regular practice can help you so much to find your center again, gain clarity, let go of worries, anxiety and just to get out of your headspace. Everybody can do it and you can do it as long as 10 min everyday. Of course longer is great but better short than not doing it at all!!


  • Trust, that things will shift again and be gentler. This energy is bringing a deep cleanse and transformation on personal and collective level. It’s about finding your Truth within, letting go of patterns and beliefs that do not serve you anymore so that you can live a life in better alignment, clarity and flow.


  • Do NOT go into fear, anger and hopelessness when reading, watching and hearing the news. We only hear a part of what’s going on and this is very selected and isn’t always the Truth. So trust there is also a lot of good things happening and that everything happens for a reason. Keep a positive mindset and vibration; it’s going to help you and everybody around you too!


  • Take your power back and start to open your heart. Start to live from your intuition (your gut feeling) that always acts from love; and trust it. Know you are co-creating your own reality, your experience and how you encounter it; take on that responsibility.  And again, live in the NOW!


  • Work on changing and letting go of negative feelings, guilt and shame towards yourself and others. It is a great time for deep healing on all levels. Get support if you need someone to help you in that, its ok, we all need help and support sometimes!  This will assist you to start to life from your heart again, in much more flow, clarity and harmony. That what this time prepares you/us for!

Love, support and blessings

“Present-moment living, getting in touch with your now, is at the heart of effective living. When you think about it, there really is no other moment you can live. Now is all there is, and the future is just another present moment to live when it arrives.”
-Wayne W. Dyer

  • “With everything that has happened to you, you can either feel sorry for yourself or treat what has happened as a gift. Everything is either an opportunity to grow or an obstacle to keep you from growing. You get to choose.”
  •  -Wayne W. Dyer
Universe with lots of lights

Kapotasana: “A Miracle”

Today, the first time I grabbed my heels in Kapotasana by myself. 1 1/3 years I was waiting for this moment; it feels like a long time for the part of me, which can be very impatient.
When I came out of the asana Sharath looked at me and said: “ A miracle”; I started laughing. I realised how funny my mind can work sometimes and how it really wants things to happen. Yes, I wanted to be able to do this pose, but why? Yes, at times I wanted to have more poses, but than again, why? What does it change? I knew it would not change anything; there are always more poses. What does it change in my life? I guess that, I REALLY realised/felt today: I did Kapotasana today; I have to do it tomorrow, after tomorrow and each and everyday again. It ALMOST doesn’t change anything; I still have to do my daily practice on the mat and in my life, do the things I have to do. I still will have to struggle with the things I have to learn from, until I let go of the struggle and just trust and accept the flow of life, anchored in myself and having faith, that all will be just fine. I believe that it is where the asana practice comes into it, giving me more trust to go beyond the limitation of my mind, it shows me I’m able to do more than I think and it shows me how I approach myself, my life and the world around me. It teaches me to surrender, to breath, to feel and to walk forward on my path. Trust that there are no limitations, except the ones I have set for myself in my mind and they can always be changed. And that there are wonderful people/teachers coming into our lives to help us to go beyond those limitations because they believe in us until one day we do too.

On this way, thanks for all these wonderful people in my life supporting and believing in me, sharing their love and helping me to see and go beyond those limitations! One time more I wish you all lots of love, light, trust and happiness for the coming year 2014.

Love and light Franziska